Giving and receiving points - both are rewarding

I personnally have found the points I get from a staff memebr to be a great validation of my attempts to help.

Every time I get points I proudly tell my spouse about it. it's like getting a gold star in gramar school. :slight_smile:.

When a member acknowledges my help with some points I feel like the effort I put into helping them is appreciated.

There is also a great feeling you get from giving points.

To be able to give some points is a great way to let other members know you apprciate their contribution to the community.

Whether it is a tip of the hat and a nod with a few points, or a hearty "Thank You!" with a more substantial number of points... It feels good, and you encourage more of that kind of contribution.

The rules for extending or lifetime memberships support this as well... Since 40% of your points need to be given to you to be exchangable for membership benefits... It encourages us to not hold onto our points with a vicegrip like hold.

If you have never given points, try it... It is fun, it feels good...

It is so much fun that I think I would still be doing it even if it meant delaying my own lifetime membership.

It is great to be a part of this community. It is a truely unusual group of enterprising folks who are still willing to pitch in and help eachother...

Let them know when they have done you or the community a service...
You will be glad you did.