Glitch found in Pay Per View Plugin–Allows readers to access content free

Hello. A reader of mine has found a glitch in my Pay Per View paywall that allows viewers to access all of my content for free (and presumably anyone else’s content who is running this software). The glitch is that the paywall does not kick in when viewers access the content through a tag or date extension.

I thought this might be because I had my settings allow for search bots to see the full content, but I then switched this off and was still able to access the content for free (and yes, I did have my admin access limited to not seeing the full content). Below are a couple of examples of extensions where the content can be accessed for free (first a tag extension, and then a date extension).

This is really not good. Please respond ASAP. Thank you.


  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi @aaron,

    Thanks for the report, I can’t seem to replicate this.

    When i visit my tag page, i see an archive with a list of posts that use those tags, if i click the post it takes me to the posts single page where I am asked to pay to see the content.

    Your tags page looks a lot different to how mine works.

    Can you switch to the default 2012 theme and see if you still have the same issue?

    Do you have any cache plugins enabled? try purging cache & disabling them & see if that helps.


  • Aaron
    • New Recruit

    Hi Vaughan. Thanks for your response. I did switch to the default 2012 theme, and then tried the links again, and it was still showing the full content. I also tried to switch my cache plugin settings to ‘no caching’ and the links still showed the full content. I then deactivated my cache plugin and still same thing. Anything else I can try?

  • Aaron
    • New Recruit

    Hi Vaughan. I thank you for your efforts. However, if you are all out of suggestions may I ask that you invite a developer into this discussion. I believe this to be a very serious matter that may be affecting many users of the Pay Per View software. Thank you very much.


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