Global Cart payments supposed to go to Admin or Individual Store?

Hey all,

I've recently installed Marketpress in order to set up a Multi vendor store. I am using the Multisite option for Wordpress.

I selected "Yes" on the Global Cart option in the settings page, and entered the sandbox api crendentials I got from the Paypal dev site. I also included the paypal email address for one of the individual stores.

Anyways, I conducted a test to see if the money was changing hands. I bought a product from the individual store and the checkout worked fine. However... I noticed that the payment went to the individual store's account instead of the admin's one!

Is this the intended functionality of the global store or am I doing something wrong? What I'd like is for all payments done on individual stores to go to the site admin's account (Yes, I know this is more micro management, but it's a way to ensure product delivery. I don't mind the extra work), and then pay each individual store once a month through paypal. If the Global Cart does not do that, could you suggest a way to do so through Marketpress?

Also, if there's documentation other than the 'usage' page, could you direct me to it?

Thank you!

  • Kimberly

    Hello Dan,

    Welcome to the Community!

    The way you are seeing things happen is indeed the intended behavior.

    The Global Cart is a way for your customers to check out from multiple stores at once. The money going to each store associated with the item purchased.

    If you wanted to create a single checkout from a single site you'd have to do something like create a custom user role for your main site, let your users post products and then manually sort everything out.

    This would be tricky as everyone would see each others' items and be able to edit them. So I'm afraid the only other way would be to set your paypal email in the backend and hope they don't change it.

    Wish I had better news.


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