Global Cart payments supposed to go to Admin or Individual Store?

Hey all,

I’ve recently installed Marketpress in order to set up a Multi vendor store. I am using the Multisite option for WordPress.

I selected “Yes” on the Global Cart option in the settings page, and entered the sandbox api crendentials I got from the Paypal dev site. I also included the paypal email address for one of the individual stores.

Anyways, I conducted a test to see if the money was changing hands. I bought a product from the individual store and the checkout worked fine. However… I noticed that the payment went to the individual store’s account instead of the admin’s one!

Is this the intended functionality of the global store or am I doing something wrong? What I’d like is for all payments done on individual stores to go to the site admin’s account (Yes, I know this is more micro management, but it’s a way to ensure product delivery. I don’t mind the extra work), and then pay each individual store once a month through paypal. If the Global Cart does not do that, could you suggest a way to do so through Marketpress?

Also, if there’s documentation other than the ‘usage’ page, could you direct me to it?

Thank you!