Global Cart without Chained Payments

Would it be possible to enable other payment gateways for use with the global cart?

I would like to enable EFT payments and/or credit card payments (custom gateway) for orders from multiple sites, but only one payment needs to be made into my bank account (and only one amount sent to the gateway). I can then use an existing system to pay the supplies/individual site owners after I have received the payment, less my percentage per sale of course.

The only trouble would be that I (as site admin) would need to receive a summary of the order, ie products grouped by supplier for each order so they can receive their payments.

Seeing how difficult it is to get chained payments approved, plus the fact that some countries outside the US don’t use Paypal as much, this could be a good solution/option, don’t you think?

  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hiya Chris,

    Thanks for your feedback, as always. I’m sure this is in the sights in terms of future development. Obviously global cart is a very new feature so it’s just a case of future iterations adding more payment gateways to that.

    I’ll be sure to let the developer know it’s been asked for!


  • Chris du Toit
    • Flash Drive

    Thanks Phil and Aaron

    So I take it you are not planning on supporting any other gateways (such as 2Checkout etc.) for the global cart in the near future since they don’t allow chained payments.

    The other benefit would have been that each store owner would not need to open their own 2checkout accounts to accept credit cards.

    I guess it’s back to the drawing board for me then. I did not want to charge a monthly fee for the use of the shop, only a percentage of sales. If each shop has its own gateway/checkout, I’d need to invoice the owners for the commission due, which just makes it a little harder compared to receiving one payment and simply paying each store owner their respective cut.

    I’ll also look into what would be involved in a custom gateway for the global cart. Just a quick question, how would I be able to allow a gateway other than Paypal Chained payments with the global cart active? I thought the global cart deactivates all gateways except the Paypal one.

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