Global Categories?


I have just tested out the new easy blogging, and it's brilliant, I really want to use it on my site. It doesn't have the same problem with marketpress that I had previously, only allowing admins to add products to the cart. The only thing is I don't want to list the tags or categories, these have been a nightmare trying to explain to the members.

So I have found this tonight

It's to add categories site wide, and I was hoping someone could tell if it was possible to use this to add product categories site wide?


  • gina
    • The Bug Hunter

    hi fondeli

    i used the New Blog Templates plugin to create categories sitewide.. it works pretty well. it allows you to select that the theme, categories etc used in the template created is replicated sitewide...


  • Fondeli
    • The Bug Hunter

    Hi Gina,

    Thanks, I was thinking about that, if you add the product categories and then deactivate marketpress, will the categories be there when you reactivate? I guess they would. I am using Marketpress as a Supporter plugin.

    But I also have over 100 blogs with Marketpress, and I want to add the categories to these blogs, and if I add categories later, I would like them to also be added to all the sub sites. This plugin will do that for categories, and I was hoping there'd be a way of doing that for product categories?

  • gina
    • The Bug Hunter

    You would just make the account you are using for a template a supporter then login to that dashboard and create the categories. Then set that new template as default and it should be used as the template for all new blogs created and replicate all the selected settings/categories.

    Now.. applying the theme to existing blogs... not sure if that is possible. Haven't had that challenge yet. Also... How to recategorize all existing products to the new categories and remove old categories... Hmmm

    If I figure anything I will let you know as I am working on my template today.

    :slight_smile: Gina

  • Fondeli
    • The Bug Hunter

    Thanks Guys,

    I just gave this plugin a test run, and it works perfectly!! So I can add product categories, and tags to any site on my network...this is brilliant, means I can take out all the hassle of creating categories for my members..! :slight_smile:

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