Global Credits across Sub Domains using Memberships?

I am building out a site that is trying to use the following plugins on separate subdomains.

Given that all of those have different listing portals and features, etc. I was thinking this is the way to go rather than slapping them all together under one subdomain.

Is there a way to have a global membership that applies credits to the user across the entire network? A Single Global Credit system?

This way, they can use global credits on the subdomains they want to list in rather than having separate credit balances per subdomain.

I would like to setup multiple global memberships in this nature, so that a low volume listing user (Say 2 classified listings, 1 directory listing, 1 event listing and 1 expert listing) can pay $10/month and get 100 credits per month. This way they do not have to worry about paying per listing, on a monthly/half year/yearly basis on the different subdomains/plugins.

Then a higher level membership at say $100/month, but receives 200 credits per month (50% discount), who might be a very high volume listing user (35 classifieds/month, 10 jobs, 1 business listing, 15 events and 1 expert)

Is this possible?

If I lump the above plugins under the same subdomain would I be able to achieve what I am trying to do? Would the individual credit systems fall under the same user balance?

Any help in thought process or if and how this is possible using the plugins that you provide would be great.



  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @Andrew Prendeville, Michael here! :slight_smile:

    Presently, something like what you're planning would require custom development. To elaborate on the situation, Jobs & Experts, when mixed with MarketPress, has a credit system set up, so folks can purchase credit packs, and use those credits to post listings.

    However, integrating those credits with the credit systems of Classifieds & Directory, and then allowing for Events+ to use the same credit system, is where the custom development starts.

    Then, there's also the matter of assigning folks credits on signing up for a membership (I'm assuming that you're wanting to use Membership 2 Pro for this). This too, would require custom development.

    I would advise posting a job for this in our Jobs Board, and having one of our Pros set up the integration of all of this for you:

    Kind Regards,

  • Andrew Prendeville

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for the information. I really just want to make sure that I have my thinking correct about how the different aspects of each plugin work. I figured there would be custom work somewhere in there but want to be certain of where to direct the project.

    I will look into MarketPress as well just to see how the credit packs work within your framework, etc as that might be a simpler way to do things rather than with a membership.

    Yes Membership 2 Pro was the idea but I can already see that we would need to do some custom work on that as well to make everything work for my vision.

    Thanks for the info again :slight_smile:

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