Global Feeds on Subdomain-ed Multisite Kicking off to Top Domain

I have a multisite I am developting that sits inside another domain multisite (for development but also potential setup for future networks). is a multisite install functioning well is another multisite install I am configuring which also seems to be working very well also.

Testing the Global Feed widget it shows URL of:

This feed when triggered is kicking back to and not showing the feed.

I have wildcard subdomain mapped on both networks


all are included in the DNS zone editor and addon subdomains.

All functionality otherwise seems to work as expected interms of the wildcard domain. for example located correctly even though it has not been specified in the subdomain addon or dns. so Wild Card is working.

what is the reason the feed is not functioning as expected?

I have a w3 TC installed, but not yet turned on. Could this cause an issue at all?

Any insight is gratefully received.