Global Footer and selection of which sites show it

I want to use this plugin to place the logos of all the sites in my network in the footer section. However, I don't want the footer to show on the home page of the network. Can I choose which sites display the global footer? Or is there another option? I only have about 6 sites in the network.

Also, are there any pre-made html codes I can paste in with tables so that I can also add other things in the columns like a subscribe form etc?


  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    Hiya Dustin,

    This plugin is meant to change the footer content across the network - but is referring to the footer in the admin, not on the public side.

    I'm not aware of any tool that can do quite what you're looking for. One way to do it would be to hardcode the elements into the footer.php of all your themes (with a conditional statement for the homepage) this way no matter what a sub-site has selected they'll have the content you desire.

    Hope that helps. Thanks!

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