Global Header for wordpress MU

with plugins like market press, and grid market theme, alot of us are thinking of etsy style sites. one major limtation i find is the navigation. because all the sites would have there own header this would create confusion. if there was a way to have one global header, then the sidebar would represent the stores categories etc, while the header and header menu would represent the network wide stores, and global products.

is there a way to make one header, with menus, logos, and get it to display sitewide?

  • DavidM

    Hi nelnehal,

    You've got a reasonable request, for sure, and it's something that would go great in the Feature Suggestion forum I imagine. We can get this moved over to there if you like.

    That said, at this point it's a bit of an extensive edit but in general, if you take a theme, like GridMarket for examle, and hard-code a header and particular menu items while removing those as options, that will take care of the sitewide persistence of those items.

    So what you could perhaps do is start by making a copy of GridMarket, changing the name of that new child theme (in style.css) as well as changing the folder name, and making all your customizations to that new child theme you just made.

    You could maybe take a look at header.php and make changes to that in order to hard-code a header image. Following that line of thought, you could hard-code any edits you like.

    Being a child theme, it will be relatively safe in the event of upgrades to the main theme. How would that work for you?

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