global marketpress products not displaying after using snapshot

Hello, I created a test site based on my live multisite. I copied over 2 stores using snapshot and they are displaying their marketpress products correctly on their sub store. The main site is not however, displaying the global products. I am using marketpress as that is what my live site is using. I created this test site in order to test the upgrade from 2.9 to the newest version of marketpress. Can't get the upgrade to work successfully or smoothly on the live site and need to do some testing here first. Any idea why the global products are not displaying? I granted access through the dashboard. Thanks

btw, the main site didn't copy posts,pages or files when I restored after importing using snapshot but I did see the plugins and themes copy over correctly. The subsites did great during the import/ got everything, products, posts, themes...everything.
I don't actually need the main site to look like the live site, just need a basic place to test marketpress.....but could that be why I am having problems? Is it possible to do another import/restore from snapshot of only the main site without disrupting the subsites? I've had some trouble with losing database connections during snapshot restores of the main site. I had to dump all tables and start over from scratch twice with a clean install of wordpress then creating the multisite again etc......... This is the closest I have come to creating this test site.