Global Multi-Site Membership - Configuration Needed

Are there any updated instructions for Membership 2 Pro to make it a Global Multi-site?
I'm having some issues based on the instructions found below.
I've setup the site to have the associated sites in a subdirectory. I need all the memberships to be managed from the primary site.


Can Membership installation control access to my Multisite Sites?
Out of the box, no - it will be set up as individual membership sites.
The following is for ADVANCED users who can support their installation once they make
these changes. There is no documentation on how this will affect your site, please do not
proceed with this unless you are sure you can service your issues.
You can set the plugin to use "global tables" which will enforce it to use a common single
set of tables for the entire network, then when you network activate it will run across the
whole network as a single membership system and be managed via the network admin
The define you need to set is in membershipincludes/functions/membershipconfig.php
(along with a few others you can tweak) - you can also set them in your wp-config.php file
to ensure they stay across updates:

Network Only Setting: If you are wanting to install membership network wide whilst
offering subscriptions across your network then you may set the Global Tables to true. By
default it is false. (If each site is independent, and has its own admins/owers then leave this
as false)
Network Only Setting: When enabling global tables you can also set the main site by ID. In
most cases this will be the first site within your network which by default is 1