Global Options for Classifieds plugin?


Is it possible to add global options to the Classifieds plugin? By global options I mean the ability for Super Admins to create ads and for those ads to be available to sub-site users – via the active ads, saved ads, ended ads menu. In turn, sub-site users would only be able to use the ads provided by the Super Admin. (The menu for sub-site users to create their own ads would be disabled or hidden using a plugin like Super Admin Menu Manager or White Label Branding etc.)

Super Admin would update content of Classified ads, which would then update network wide. This way sub-site users would not need to touch an ad once activated.

And, if it helps to simplify configuration, the Classifieds custom fields “duration” and “cost” would be disabled.

Is this possible?



My objective has one other component, which is how to configure Classifieds to display in a full-page theme that uses custom-post-types. Is this better dealt with as a separate post in the forum? Briefly, I am using the Delight full-screen theme – I have played around with Custompress, adding the same taxonomy fields that are in Delight to Classifieds, but have discovered that these taxonomy fields can only exist in one place. (i.e. replicating the fields in Custompress removes them from the Delight menu.) Would modifying CSS for Classifieds to match Delight be a better approach? If yes, any pointers?