Global products, categories, tags listed twice in the main site of a network with WPML-marketpress p


I have the following serious issues on my bilingual multisite network of e-shops, where I have enabled the WPML and WPML-marketpress plugins for translation.

Per site, all products, product categories and product tags are listed correctly based on the selected language. You can see here:

On the main site, all global Marketpress shorcodes and all global Marketpress widgets, display all products, categories, tags double, i.e. both in the selected and in the translated version! You can see here:

I would appreciate a solution!

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    I already have contacted them for the same issue, but haven’t received a response yet.

    I am not in the position to know if the issue is in your side or their side on this marketpress-wpml synergy. I just know that both of you are marketing this synergy and hope that you will not ping-pong me to each other!

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    I have been debugging together with WPML people for 5 days now and they have managed to make things work – for global products and now working on categories and tags – by changing marketpress php files, e.g marketpress-ms.php

    I strongly believe that you have to work together with WPML to resolve all these issues, especially when the solution seems (according to them) to be in Marketpress’s code.

    I add the list of all issues that I have found related with WPML and Marketpress:

    Multisite related:

    1. Global Products in main site of a network are shown in all languages (resolved)

    2. Global Product Categories in main site of a network are shown in all languages

    3. Global Product Tags in main site of a network are shown always in default language even if switch languages

    4. String translation for the title of widget Product Category List does not display the non deafult language translation.

    Site related:

    5. Adding an item to the cart or emptying cart, displays mixed translations in cart

  • aecnu
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    Greetings HARALAMBOS,

    I do not know the extent of a relationship that our lead developer has with WPML, but I do know that we do have a relationship with them.

    What concerns me most, no matter which side of the fence it is on so to speak, that both Market Press and WPML maintain integrity of the changes after this is fixed and for future updates.

    Therefore, I will suggest to our lead developer that he contact them to see what changes they made, and/or possibly once this is all fixed that you pack up the entire working Market Press folder and ship it to us for analysis to insure that updates do not over write the changes.

    I will see about getting our lead developer in here with his thoughts/comments on this and even he possibly contacting WPML for compatibility coordination.

    Meantime please keep us appraised of your progress.

    Cheers, Joe

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    I am not performing any more debugging myself since it is more than just a bug. It seems that the whole Marketpress-WPML synergy is not tested in a multisite environment.

    There is a developer from WPML side that is taking care of the issues. I would expect WPMU to be involved on that and not to be necesary myself to convince you for that. I expect both companies to coordinate and provide a proper solution.

    I have opened here other tickets related with WPML and WPMU plugins in multisite. I will relist all issues here, hoping that WPMU would be interested!


    1. in any independent site, when adding products or emptying the cart, you get mixed translation of the products in the shopping cart widget.

    2, 3, 4. in main site, when using the global shortcodes or widgets to diplay list of global products, categories, tags from all sites you get strange results.Products and categories are displayed twice, in both languages, and tags are displayed in greek even if you switch to english.

    5. I have also noticed, that the name displayed in the title of some global Marketpress widgets like Product Category List, is not using the po file when switching languages. I added a string translation, but I only got the greek version even in english.

    6. Global Posts Widget, is displaying posts from all sites. Here there is the same issue, all posts are shown double in both languages.

    7. String translation for the title of the widget Recent Global Posts (the one that still displays posts double) does not display the english translation too.

    8. In Blogs Directory plugin, I noticed that this page was working in default language greek, but when switching to english, I got page not found.

  • Aaron
    • CTO

    Sorry for your WPML issues. Again, I’ve never used WPML, we have no control over it, and can’t support it.

    Our relationship with them has been if they need some hook added here or there for a plugin they want to support themselves, they send it over and we add it. So if they need anything in MP, I’ll add it.

    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    I am sorry Aaron, and without trying to be rude, it is very hard for me to accept that from one hand you market this Marketpress-WPML synergy, and from the other hand you state as the core developer of Marketpress that you have never used it!

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