Global products pagination limits

I implented Aaron's code for paginating the main marketplace, but I found a limit when it comes to the last page of the marketplace.

When the marketplace reaches the next-to-last page, if it cannot populate the final page with the full number indicated in the per_page argument, it removes the Previous - Next links and does not allow you to see the final page.

For example, I'm using the code below, and have indicated 12 products per page, if it can't get twelve (I think my final page would actually have an odd number of products displayed as of this writing), it just stops and doesn't let you continue paging through.

Not sure if this is the same fix Aaron is talking about here:

div id="market-grid">
$args = array (
     'text' => 'none',
     'per_page' => 12,
    //check for paging
    if (get_query_var('paged'))
      $args['page'] = intval(get_query_var('paged'));

mp_list_global_products( $args );

<div id="market-page-links">
<?php mp_global_products_nav_link( $args ); ?>