Global Regions Won't Localize in Upfront


I have 30 pages to create with the same layout, so I've elected to use a global region.
The intention is to load a global region, then localize it to make adjustments for the specific page.

When I click 'Localize Region' in the Upfront Region Editor, nothing happens. I can't change the region from global to local.

Can someone help me? I'm on a time crunch here too.

Support Access is granted.
Here is one of the pages with the region to localize.

  • Joe
    • Recruit

    Hey Daniel,

    After testing this, looks like it might be related to a recent update. I have submitted a bug report for our team with high priority. I unfortunately do not have a quick fix for you right now.
    BTW your site is really well done in Upfront. Great job! I will follow up with you here once we have a solution.


    • Daniel
      • The Incredible Code Injector

      Hey Joe,

      Thanks for the quick reply and the compliment on the site! It's been a long time, but this update I'm wrapping up is about to get pushed to live.

      That being said, changing the shortcode IDs, an image, and a couple text elements is all that's left on the site before it goes live. That allows a marketing campaign and a sales push to launch as well.

      In short, not being able to switch to a localized region is holding up the entire sales team.

      Is there anyway we get this pushed through or can you recommend a work-through?
      I have 30 pages to change those few details on.

  • Michael Bissett
    • Recruit

    Hey Daniel,

    I'm aware of our developers looking into this, but cannot give a ETA on when a hotfix would be handy (though I'd like to be able to!).

    As far as a workaround is concerned, for right now, the manual route would need to be taken. You'd need to insert a new region into each page, and set up the elements you mentioned accordingly.

    It's not going to be the fastest job, but that's the quickest way of getting this set up right now (given the timetable you're working with presently).

    Kind Regards,

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