Global Reputation System Plugin Request


I have been trying to work with cubepoints, achievements, forums, q&a, comments, various rating systems plugins...

Will wpmudev have any plans in the near future to integrate their own points system into everything network wide?

It would be one global points scoring system to indicate and rewards users of your site.

Things it could tap into:

- Comments rating
- Giving points to eachother
- Redeeming points for a service/product
- Q&A rating integration
- Full integration into buddypress activity stream
- Rewards users X points for uploading avatar, creating a blog, commenting...
- Rate the blog (like stumbleupon) on the network
- Widgets (top user, most liked (most points given to), ladder, best seller (marketpress integration)
- Be a bit like cubepoints but actually build quick add-ons for external plugin integration
- Have full wpmudev-ish graphs for the network admin to see user metrics

I know it has been requested somewhere before but....

Any other ideas guys? Any +1's



  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hey there.

    Cool suggestion, it has been made a couple of times with people asking about our rep points.

    I'd love to see something like this!!

    Sadly there are no firm plans at the moment although there is talk about releasing rep points once we upgrade to the plugin version of bbPress.

    So anyway it would be a +1 from me, anyone else want it?


  • screamstone
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    HUGE +1 from me.

    Dunno if you guys are aware of the emerging and exciting gamification trends for education and business...

    We're working on it at and Maclab students coded a gold system for cubepoints and developed a plug that allows kids to self report which activities (lessons) they encounter, accept, complete, and master for points or gold. it's going BANANAS.

    check it out here:

    This is HUGE and can really build community around point systems.

    Think the cubepoints authors are just teenagers... WPMU could probably hire them for some movie tickets and pizza coupons. I know, because I teach High School!!!

    Those kids will kill someone for like a single starburst. :slight_smile:

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