Global search on another page


Global site search installation instructions say”

And if you want to put the search form on another page, just lift it out of the site search page and you should be good.”

I don’t see what shortcode there is on the site-search page to place elsewhere.

What do I “lift off”?

  • abdada
    • Flash Drive

    I opened up from ftp the file that contains the old search form (say, header.php), and paste the new site search into that area, replacing the old form.

    The new form is:

    <form action=”/site-search/” method=”post”>

    <table border=”0″ border=”0″ cellpadding=”2px” cellspacing=”2px” width=”100%” bgcolor=””>


    <td style=”font-size:12px; text-align:left;” width=”80%”>

    <input name=”phrase” style=”width: 100%;” type=”text” value=””>


    <td style=”font-size:12px; text-align:right;” width=”20%”>

    <input name=”Submit” value=”Search” type=”submit”>




    Upload the modified file via FTP and you’re all set!

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