Global Search Widget on Network Theme

I'm using the Network Theme and it seems to have a search bar built right into the header, however, if a visitor uses this search box it doesn't return results from across the network I have therefore installed Global Site Search which works just fine.

Two questions:

1. Can I disable the Network Theme search or do I just need to remove that code from my child theme's header.php?

2. Can Global Site Search be used as a widget (or even to replace the standard search code in header.php) so that every page has the search option? I don't want my visitors to have a two-click process to begin searching (i.e. I would have to have a link on each page to the site-search page).

To replicate my challenge, go to and enter Alabama in the "search for" box - no results are found.

Go to and try the same search...

thanks :slight_smile: