Global Shopping Cart not Working as Expected

I was hoping that MarketPress would allow me to create a network of sites that all share the same shopping cart/checkout.

What I would like to have happen is a user visits and adds a product from that site to his/her cart, then goes to and is able to see the item from site1 in their cart and is able to add another product from site2 and then proceed to checkout and pay for both products from site1 and site2 in one shopping cart.

I have mapped some sites in a network and I am able to display the global product list, but the shopping carts do not transfer from one site to another. When you add a product from it does not show up in’s shopping cart and vise versa.

Is this functionality supposed to be supported by this plugin?

  • barctic
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    Hello Vaughan,

    I have enabled the global shopping cart with paypal, however, items do not seem to transfer over from a cart on one domain to the next.

    Is there a specific short code for global shopping cart or something I am missing? I assumed it would be as simple as enabling it.

  • barctic
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    I am still having difficulty with this. I have 2 sites set up on a network however their shopping carts do not ‘communicate’ with each other.

    The 2 sites on the network are:

    Both of them have test products.

    What I thought this plugin could do is if a customer goes to and adds a product to their cart, then views they will see the first sites product in the cart. I have PayPal express checkout configured and global shopping cart. But I cannot find a solution.

    Any suggestions?

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay


    sorry for the delay.

    The global cart is designed from the ground up for each store to be a different merchant accepting and processing orders independently.

    It’s not designed for the same store owner to run multiple stores, you should just keep your products in one store in that case.

    Parallel payments is what allows a customer to checkout/pay once, and it’s automatically distributed to all the merchants in their cart. It enables buyers to pay multiple merchants on a marketplace in a single Express Checkout session. This is only available through PayPal.

    i think you need to enable parallel payments too.

    hope this helps.

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