Global Short Code issue

Not sure why this is happening, but the short code on the homepage (main site) of our Marketplace is showing many blank items with just a BUY BUTTON displayed, and it's set to show only 8 (which I would expect to be 2 rows of 4) yet it appears there are 3 pages of items, most blank.

We've already granted support access, please advise as soon as possible as the switch to MarketPress has been a major headache with many issues, both on our end and with the plugin itself, further delaying the site from going live...

  • Jude

    Hey John

    Sorry about the frustrations here.

    I took a peek inside and can see what you mean. Looks like the shortcode may be malfunctioning or there some sort of a conflict with the theme. Can you try a plugin conflict test as detailed here ? Please use a default theme when doing this

    Also can you delete all thrashed posts and publish all drafts please ?


  • John

    We deleted all trashed pages (not finding any posts, did you see some?) and not showing any unpublished pages (again, did you see any?). We'll run the plugin conflict test after work, but don't believe it's going to be related to that since we didn't have this issue until a day or two ago, it was working fine until we deleted a sub-site, that's when it started. Does that info help at all to narrow it down? Thanks...


    • Jude

      Hey John , sorry about that ! I meant draft products and thrashed products. I suspected that something was leaving behind traces of meta data that was affecting the results returned by the shortcode.

      it was working fine until we deleted a sub-site, that's when it started. Does that info help at all to narrow it down?

      This sure does .. how exactly did you delete the sub site ? Also I want to look at your DB a bit closer please. Can you take a backup and send in

      Subject: "Attn: Jude "
      - WordPress super admin/ admin username + password
      - FTP credentials (host/username/password)
      - cPanel details

      - link back to this thread for reference

      Select "I have a different question" for your topic - this and the subject line ensure that it gets assigned to me :slight_smile:


  • John

    Another thing that we noticed is if you hover over the BUY button where there is no image on the main site homepage it does NOT display a store URL, it shows the main shop page (www.frommy******* as opposed to all others that show the store page URL (i.e. http://www.frommy******* or http://www.frommy*******

    Could this have something to do with it, we had added several items to the main store page in error that have since been deleted, wondering if they're still somehow being detected but nothing is actually there to display. Thanks...

  • Jude

    Hey again John

    Again to clarify what we discussed via email

    1) The bug itself should be fixed in an upcoming version ( likely next ) of the plugin. So you can just continue deleting sites the way you did earlier.

    2) The files I attached here have the hotfix, if you apply it now, you don't need to wait till the next release.

    3) The damage done by the old sites being deleted prior to the fix, needed a through cleanup of the database, which I've since done and you've confirmed as the old products are no longer visible.

    Here is a link to the hotfix to anyone else looking


  • John

    Every time we come across an issue, and it gets resolved, within 24 hours another one arises?!? Has this plugin every actually done what it's supposed to do without issue, or is it something that we're continually doing? Really can't see that it's me, I'm pretty good at following instructions and catch on to things fairly quick!

    Now after getting the DB issue resolved, our store page will only show a maximum of 21 items no matter what we set the global short code at when inserting it (right now there are almost 40 products available that should be showing up on that page?

    What would you need now to view this, pretty sure access is still available under Network Admin for a super suer to view the primary site (www.frommy****** Please advise when you have a moment...

  • Panos

    Hi John ,

    Of what I understand your issue is with pagination and number of items per page right?

    I had a look at your store page and I noticed you are using the following shorcode:
    [mp_list_global_products paginate="true" page="1" per_page="20" order_by="date" order="ASC" list_view="0"]

    In the attributes you include per_page="20" which lists 20 products per page and page="1" which forces to always show the first page, ignoring pagination.

    If you remove the page="1" attribute the paging should be working fine.

    In case you want to change the number of products simply change per_page="20" to the the number you need.

    I have created a new page ( where you can check the same shortcode without the page="1" and see if this is what you need.

    Hope this helps!

    Kind regards,

  • John

    Panos, that seems to have worked, it's showing different products on each page now!

    Just an FYI that you might want to look into further: when using the shortcode generator to add this to the SHOP page, it defaults to page="1" but the information provided when clicking on the "?" is not very clear so far as explaining to REMOVE the number 1 if you want different products on each page - very difficult to understand what you'd need to do in order to get what most store owners would be looking to get (see screenshots, never touched anything - this is what ya get when opening up the shortcode generator).

    Additionally, still having the other issue of not showing ALL products that are added to the sites, even after uploading hotfix and re-indexing. This is closing/resolved now, thanks for your help on it, but the other support ticket remains open at this time...