Global-Site-Search displaying post urls for pages

Hi. I've installed Post Indexer and Global Site Search and all seems fine except the results for pages are linking to a post type of url (eg. instead of to the page's actual url. And this 'post' url leads to 'page cannot be found' results.

1. Please could you tell me how to fix this.

a) The results for Posts are fine - their urls work. Only 'pages' have problems.
b) Google search works fine on our site for Posts and Pages
c) Default WP Search works fine for Posts and Pages

Two other queries:

2. is there a way to get the Global Site Search to actually search GLOBALLY (and not just search those posts/pages that have been published since installation)? I tried the 'update page' option someone suggested in a related post, but it didn't work.

3. is there a way to rather get the Custom Image (or similar) for that particular page/post to display on the left of the results rather than the blog image?

Thanks so much for your time.