Global Site Tags - Starting Afresh

@Andrew We are still in the early stages of development for our site. As a result, we do not yet have an extraordinary number of posts in our blog network. We finally came to a nice model for standardizing some categories and tags across our blog network. I have the Global Site Tags plugin installed, for some time now actually. Therefore it's already been at a work a while.

What I'd like to do is uninstall the plugin, wipe clear any database tables that house the data generated for this, then reinstall, and go modify each post with the new categories and tags and publish the updates so that we have a new global structure in place. In light of this knowledge...

1) Will this work?
2) If so, which tables do I need to delete in my database (I have only one at this time)? I want to make sure I'm not deleting anything really important.

I'm running WP 3.0.1, BP 1.5.2, and BlogsMu Theme

Thanks for you help in advance :slight_smile: