Global site tags - tags on posts with same post id on different sub blogs


I have a problem with the Global site tags plugin.

I have multiple blogs set up and when I publish a new post on a sub blog that has the same post id as a previously created post on another sub blog something strange happens.

I have used different tags on the two posts.

The first post was created without any problems and was indexed correctly.

When I published the second post, the tags on the first created post got a larger font in the tag cloud which would indicate that the first post got a match on the new tags as well. (Which is wrong because it was different tags) When I click on one of these tags it still just returns the first post though.

When I click on one of the tags for the newest post (which also have the larger font) only one result is returned. And that is the result of the first created post. (Totally wrong)

Somehow the posts tags get mixed up when the posts have the same post id. (I figured this out when I turned off pretty permalinks and noticed that in my case both posts had id=39)

Is this a known bug?