Global Stats Showing Up in Subsite Dashboards (multisite)

We have a large multisite wordpress system, where clients buy their own website under ours, and have Google Analytics+ installed and accessible to all.

The majority of the client sites see Analytics+ stats in their own dashboard correctly.

But some of them, with no pattern we've noticed as to which ones, instead see ALL stats for ALL of the subdomains and our top level site.

This started happening several months ago, around the time the Google API Manager console came out, though we don't know why that would matter, it may have been a coincidence.

Recently, Analytics+ entirely stopped showing stats in most (but not all) of our client dashboards. We updated to the latest version of Analytics+, and that fixed the stats not showing, but now the proportion of client dashboard widgets that show the global stats has increased significantly. There are still many who do get the correct stats in their dashboard widget, though. We haven't figured out what is different about those.