Gmail SMTP limit

If I use Gmail SMTP for the eNewsletter plugin outgoing email setting, how to meet GMail's limit as below?

"max 100 recipients if you are using an email client software."

My mailing groups have more than 1,000 members.

  • digitsoft

    Why use gmail's smtp instead of your local server? That's the real solution if you're not going to use an actual emailing company like Aweber (that's who I use).

    Aside from that it would require custom coding and you can either post a job ( or you could start working on the code yourself in e-newsletter.php around line 857. I haven't tested anything, but that's where I'd start.

  • aecnu

    Greetings winning,

    How does this work exactly?

    It will be scheduling to send the specified newsletter to a list at a rate of 100 members every single hour until the list is exhausted.

    Suppose I have 3 different newsletters going out to 3 different groups, respectively, at the same time. Each group have 500 members. What will the newsletter plugin do?

    I believe it will send out 100 unique newsletters to 100 members every hour, so in your example I would expect it to be sending 300 an hour.

    Does the cron treat each member as an email?


    Does 500 members mean 500 emails to the plugin even it is the same newsletter?

    I believe that 500 members equals 500 members per each unique newsletter.

    Hopefully that clarifies things for you regarding this plugin.

    The only thing now that I know left to do is to test it :slight_smile:

    Cheers, Joe