Godaddy is destroying my website more and more with each plugin???

I had the website up to 79% good! I had 5 plugins installed and with each plugin the Multiste got worse and worse.
I was backing up the sites as I went. I had 5 backups. I had to back track and Restore all the way back to when I started installing the 2nd through 5th wpmu dev plugins.
The conflicts broke the WP Memory, Multisites and gave me 404 errors for All Pages except the Home Page.
I even cleared out the Wordpress plugins I had.
I want what you guys are offering.
If you guys can suggest a Hosting company (Gator, ???) that has no problems with your plugins I will consider switching this account to them!
I just thought of something else! I'm using the Magazine Premium Theme! I really like this theme. It has a built in Slider and other features I love!
I saw you have your themes and the Builder but I really like Mag Prem.
Earlier today the site was down for 55 minutes!
I personally believe Godaddy is being butt heads to force us into buying their Hosted Wordpress accounts and I ain't doing that!