Gold Membership, If I upgrade to the Gold Membership, could I have your technical team to log into m

Gold Membership, If I upgrade to the Gold Membership, could I have your technical team to log into my acc and setup these plugins you created as I have been installing these plugins, but I have been having a few issues with them, for instance the ultimate branding is not displaying correctly across my multisite setup, also the simple site maps had an error on there. I see other plugins i would like to use which you supply, but I am fearful of installing them and have problems with them in the future.

  • Alexander

    Hi there!

    A Gold membership will definitely allow us to log into your site to troubleshoot any issues. We can't so any installation or setup plugins to your specifications, but if you're having problems getting them to work we can look into the problem for you.

    You'd also be welcome to join in on one of our live chat sessions to discuss things in real time rather than over the forums:

    So what's going on with Ultimate Branding? If you posted a screenshot I might be able to give you some ideas. Being able to login would make it faster though.

    Thanks for being a WPMU DEV member. Let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
    Best regards,

  • Coach Darren

    Hiya I posted a link that you can see the problem. the link again is and you will see >>>>> Proudly Presented By Social Info Radio

    On the right hand side of the screen when you stroll down the page, however that should be in the footer area rather then what seems to be on the outside of the widgets area to the right hand side. If by upgrading to the Gold Membership, would that allow you to log in and fix issues like that? I also would like buddypress on my multisites. If I installed it and had problems, would you guys be able to offer technical support, as in logging in and fix it?

  • Alexander

    @Coach Darren,

    This particular issue has a bit to do with your theme, and a bit to do with the content you're having placed.

    The Global Footer content module basically just outputs exactly what you enter to the bottom of the document. This doesn't play nice with all themes right away. You would need to wrap it in additional HTML, and add some CSS styles to get it to look as expected.

    Yes, with a Gold membership we can definitely log into your site to do further troubleshooting. We could also offer more code based solutions, so I could look into what the HTML/CSS would be to get that global footer looking a bit nicer.

    Best regards

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