Goldmembership - Need to know one thing!


I've been trying out your marketpress and membership plugin, but it didn't work the way i wanted, unfortunately.. Im using a woo commerce website. Instead of me, selling products I wanted users to make products to sell via front end and not by logging in trough WP-login, because I did not want to give access to too much. But last resort to make it work. Now Im asking you, if i buy gold membership, will you help me with following things if possible:

* Each member need to have access to create products via WP login, - maybe to change detail information about themselves as well. - Thats it, no more access.

*When member upload a product, he can only change/manage his products (don't know if each member can only overview what their products because I do not want members to be able to delete others products).

*If possible(since its inside wordpress), charge the members for uploading products (set some sort of subscription)?

If it makes any difference, the theme I use is:

*Note that Im not completely new with wordpress or html... But Im no master either :slight_smile:

Thanks for the support I've got from you so far.

Pierre Cavalli