Gone live with Chained Payments


I have finally left the sandbox and gone live with chained payments and have something has become apparent to me now.

As the network owner I am unable to purchase any products from any of my network shop owners!

In the Market Press Network Options page I am asked to enter a PayPal emial address to receive fees at, so I entered the emial address I used when setting up the Chained Payments with Pay Pal X.

Now keep in mind this is the only Pay Pal email address I posses I can’t use it to make a purchase because Paypal barfs.

Now imagine I am at the paypal login page, I enter the login email which is the same as the one set in network options and then enter my password, hit the logi button and then get this message across the top of the screen:

The login information you entered belongs to the recipient of this transaction. Please change your login information and try again.

Looks to me like both the network admins e-mail address and the buyers e-mail address get passed across to pay pal during a transaction – is this correct?

I wish I had realised this because I would have set up a dedicated pay pal account for this network before I started.

Can you confirm my assumptions are correct please

Ta Dave