Good Afternoon, I have run through the configuration for

Good Afternoon,

I have run through the configuration for setting up the Multi DB on our system. I ran through all the items in the documentation, multiple times, and came to the last section about bringing the move-blogs.php up in my browser (which I did). I received the error “unable to located db” in my browser window.

i think I figured out why that occured (we don’t use the default MySQL port for our databases and they are located on a different server), so I have 2 quick questions:

1. in the dp-config.php file – how can I specify to use a different port for the app server to connect to the db server &

2. now that this error has come up, WordPress in its entirety fails to launch with an error of possibly something in the wp-config file about db configuration or unable to find global database (which I validated has not changed). Any thoughts on correcting this issue? Or is this going to require a complete db restore?? Since it doesn’t come up and it indicated it couldn’t find the db to migrate, Not sure where it faltered.

Any help would be appreciated.