Good day, So I am working with CustomPress to make

Good day,
So I am working with CustomPress to make a business listing custom post type. I followed the instructions very close. Read them two or three times and they make absolute sense to me. I studied the WP codex about custome post types and think I have that down.
I created tmeplates and uploaded them.
The test post is viewable from the view post link in the edit page, but is not accessible from any other place on the front end. Not searchable, not in category or archive history.
The post is only in full with and does not seem to be associated with any page template at all.
The templates I created are single-post_type.php and archive-post_type.php. Those seem to be working because the embeded code shows.

Also spent a great deal of time working with Google Maps plugin.
It does not show my custome field on the map. Is that because my custom field is in a custom post type? How would I fix that?

I am at a deadline and if I don't get this resolved I will have to move to a lesser quality product that works. Unfortunately, time is the issue at this point and I really need to resolve this.

Thanks for everything