Good evening. I have some problems related rss to post.

Good evening. I have some problems related to rss to post functionality. I'm not able to import a full article with/without photo. Until now I tried

-all feeds from

-all feeds from

Mainly I'm able to import only few words.

I'm using "use full post option"

  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @Robert Fertig, hope you're doing well this evening, welcome to the WPMU DEV Community! :slight_smile:

    It'd help if we could see your settings more closely, could you please install our WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin on your site, and enable Support Access?

    Alternatively, could you please send in the following:

    - Mark to my attention, the subject line should contain only: ATTN: Michael Bissett
    - Do not include anything else in the subject line, doing so may delay our response due to how email filtering works.
    - Link back to this thread
    - Include WordPress admin access details (network admin access details if this is a Multisite install)
    - Include any relevant URLs for your site

    On the contact form, select "I have a different question", this ensures it comes through and gets assigned to me.

    Thanks a bunch! :slight_smile:

    Kind Regards,

  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @Robert Fertig,

    To respond to your email here:

    I did some tests yesterday and from what I saw your plugin can import data correctly. Mainly the "issue" it's related to rss type. If the feed it's full text then data will be imported correctly.From what I saw your plugin doesn't support enlarge function in order to transform a rss to full text. By any chance do you have a module that can do something like that?

    We don't have a module for this presently, this would be something that you would need to hire a developer for (though I've taken care of adding this as a feature request for you here, so that others here in the community can vote on this being considered for a future release).

    The source blog feeds are only displaying excerpts, which means that you can only pull the excerpt (as you've observed here). If you were to view the feed via any feed reader such as Google's feed reader, you would only get the excerpt.

    Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

    Kind Regards,

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