Good Morning/Afternoon WPMUDEV Team, I've a few concerns

Good Morning/Afternoon WPMUDEV Team,

I've a few concerns regarding the support levels provided on the forums here of which i'd like to raise before thinking further of extending my subscription.

I'm currently in my first month here and thankfully thus far usage of the plugins i plan to use has been fairly pain free, however i'm building a platform of which will be a full time business so will be reliant on things going as smoothly as possible both during plugin upgrade times and in times of need.

I've spent quite some time reading through the support forum, looking at and noting down problems experienced by other users using the same plugins so i can hopefully address issues before they become a problem to me however one worrying thing is in most cases the response time to queries more specifically the response time to Open queries that have been responded to once already but have since had a further reply from the user. Some tickets don't get responses for up to nearly a month!! However new requests do get answered fairly quickly.

My concern is and i'm sure many others share it if we are to base any business on top of products you manage/support that in our moment of need someone is there to help. As a customer who will initially be paying on a monthly basis to make sure the service is worth a years commitment it is quite a fee if the support does not help in a reasonable time frame.

I understand you support a big range of plugins/themes and that you also offer support for general WordPress questions which is great and fine, however I guess i'm looking for some clarification from your team on what should be the correct expectations of the service (bearing in mind that the payment is essentially just for support & updates not the actual plugin usage).

Kindest Regards


  • Aicee Taguilaso

    Hi there, RobJames!

    Welcome to WPMU DEV Community! :slight_smile:

    Regarding your concern with the response time to New Threads. We always have at least one person keeping an eye to New Queries, so they get answered as quickly as possible.

    We really do have so many threads and we process all these based on a queue. We appreciate your patience on this. But I can assure you that we are trying our best to provide faster support.

    About the service that we offer, if it's a bug in our plugins/themes, we'll gladly fix that for you. We can also help you to fix some CSS/HTML/PHP related issues. However, if it requires making a lot of modifications in the code which is beyond the scope of support that we provide, we advised our members to post a job in our job board.

    Please check more details here:

    Thank you for your understanding and have a great day! :slight_smile:


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