Good settings for anti-splog....


Despite of having activated anti-splog these days, these new register where made possible...

How can I prevent this kind of action ...?

New Blog: ogrodowa Zakrzewo|Czarnoziem l?bork ?elazno|L?bork czarnoziem ??czyce|L?bork ziemia ogrodowa Brzezinki|ziemia ogrodowa L?bork Brzezinki|Czarnoziem l?bork Redkowice|ziemia ogrodowa L?bork Paraszyno|L?bork ziemia ogrodowa Pogorzelic?|L?bork ziemia ogrodowa Redkowice|ziemia ogrodowa L?bork Lubowidz|L?bork czarnoziem Chocielewko|L?bork czarnoziem ?elazno|L?bork czarnoziem Lubiatowo|L?bork czarnoziem Dzi?cielec|ziemia ogrodowa L?bork Ma?oszyce|L?bork ziemia ogrodowa Karlikowo L?borskie|ziemia ogrodowa L?bork Salino|L?bork czarnoziem Nowa Wie? L?borska|L?bork ziemia ogrodowa Nadole|Czarnoziem l?bork Lubowidz|L?bork ziemia ogrodowa Rybki|Czarnoziem l?bork Dar?kowo|L?bork czarnoziem Nadole|ziemia ogrodowa L?bork D?brówka|Czarnoziem l?bork Kisewo|L?bork ziemia ogrodowa K?b?owo|ziemia ogrodowa L?bork Pogorszewo|Czarnoziem l?bork Dziechlino|ziemia ogrodowa L?bork Pogorzele|L?bork ziemia ogrodowa Chrzanowo|L?bork ziemia ogrodowa Brze?no L?borskie|Czarnoziem l?bork Rybki|Czarnoziem l?bork D?brówka|L?bork ziemia ogr
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  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hey @mpress,

    Hope you're doing well today :slight_smile:

    Anti-Splog is a powerful tool but sometimes bots can still slip through, this is where Anti-Splog > Pattern Matching comes in handy.

    Here you can see current blocked expressions and create your own based on that just use the words that are being used in spam sites.

    If you want, we can also have a look at your current settings to see if everything looks good there just grant us support access.

    To enable support access you can follow this guide here:

    Best regards,

  • mpress

    Thanks @dubajicp1,

    I will Rename wp-signup.php.
    How can I use this... no idea .

    To use this you may need to make some slight edits to your main theme's template files. Replace any hardcoded links to wp-signup.php with this function: <?php ust_wpsignup_url(); ?> Within post or page content you can insert the [ust_wpsignup_url] shortcode, usually in the href of a link.

    I have limited the numbers of blogs per day, but the ones I have so far where just one per day.
    I do not understand exactly how to use Additional Signup Protection.

    how to proceed...

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello mpress,

    I hope you're well today!

    I will Rename wp-signup.php.
    How can I use this... no idea .

    I reviewed your main site briefly and I didn't find any direct links there to /wp-signup.php page. I think then you should be good to go without needing to adjust theme files. The message you quoted refers to some themes that do include direct links to /wp-signup.php page that are hard-coded (added to theme's HTML as raw links instead of use of WP template tags/functions).
    The shortcode mentioned there allows you to create your own custom page with default wp-signup form. I assume though that you do not need that too as I understand that you business model relays on sub-sites created by you as a super-admin :slight_smile:

    The bottom line is: I think you will not need to make any changes to theme files. In case turning this option on would break your site in any way though, please let me know and I'll help you get it fixed.

    I have limited the numbers of blogs per day, but the ones I have so far where just one per day.

    Unfortunately, those bots can be very persistent. I think though that this setting prevented them from creating many more sites than they created already :slight_smile:

    I do not understand exactly how to use Additional Signup Protection.

    I can see that you enabled re-Captcha there. That's fine and it should limit spam signups further. The options in "Additional Signup Protection" drop-down list are actually different kinds of "captcha-like" protection option.

    I would however put one more step under your consideration. The new signups you quoted in your initial post are in Polish. It seems that somebody's running a bot that aims to create multiple spam-blogs in order to improve SEO rankings of some target site. "ziemia ogrodowa" is "garden soil" in Polish and other words are mostly names of various villages in Poland. You can expect that signups will continue using these keyphrases. Therefore you give Anti-Splog's "Spam Keyword Search".

    To do this, please install our Post Indexer plugin first. On Anti-Splog settings page just paste some of phrases mentioned in your original post (2-4 at once) to the "Spam keyword Search" field and save settings. Once Post Indexer reports that all your sub-sites were indexed, replace phrases with next set.

    Blogs that have these keywords in posts will be temporarily flagged and added to the potential splogs queue. I suppose you do not have too many customers from Poland so I think it will not "hurt" your setup in anyway but instead may cleanup/prevent it from these spam-blogs.

    I hope that helps!
    Best regards,

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