Googl+ plugin not posting to Google+ page or profile

I have installed Google+ plugin and followed the instructions as detailed under usage on the plugin website.

I have also been in touch with cole in the chatroom. he could not find the problem.

The plugin does not post my blogposts to my google+ page or profile.

I do not know where the issue might be. Can you help please?

I am using version 1.3.2 and also tried 1.3.2a as mentioned in one of the forum posts. Neither worked. The plus1 buttons work ok.

Also after I authenticated the test button is available in 1.3.2a but not in 1.3.2. When testing in 1.3.2a the test is working but the posts still do not reach google.



  • Kimberly
    • Champion of Loops

    Hello Felix!

    I am very sorry you are having trouble with this.

    I am not familiar with 1.3.2a so I’ll ask if we can stick with the version that is available for download.

    I’d like to ask if we can check some of the basics first. If you’ve done these already just let me know :slight_smile:

    First I’d like to see if you have any luck with all other plugins turned off except for Google+ Plugin.

    Secondly, I’d also like to know which theme you are using. And what kind of setup you have (i.e. host, caching if any)

    Have you tried using the plugin on a default twenty theme with nothing else activated?

    Are you using any other plugins that use API? Do they work ok to transfer?

    Just trying to rule out any conflicts here :slight_smile: It’s the easiest thing to troubleshoot so doing it first is the easiest thing to rule out.



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