Google Analytics+ and led the draw() method with the wrong type of data rather than a DataTa

Hey folks,

I enabled WPMUDEV Dashboard support FYI too.

Getting "You called the draw() method with the wrong type of data rather than a DataTable or DataView" in dashboard and Statistics on (so far only on this subsite).

See here:



  • Tyler Postle
    • CGO

    Hey Greg,

    This usually means that you have another plugin that is also trying to draw statistics from Google. Google only allows to load that script once, which is why you end up with that error.

    None of your plugins stand out as the likely conflict, so we'll have to run a plugin conflict test. Luckily, it's only happening on that one subsite so that already should exclude any network activated plugins and you can run the conflict test on just that one site so others aren't affected at all by the tests.

    Deactivate all other plugins then see if the error is still there, it could also be coming from your theme so if it's still there then try temporarily swapping to the default 2016 theme.

    Usually an issue like this will require a modification on both sides, so ideally the conflict is with a feature in another plugin that you don't currently use since you're already using ours.

    Look forward to hearing back!


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