Google Analytics + "dailyLimitExceeded Quota error"

I am facing a problem with your Google Analytics plugin. I am using the plugin on a multisite install, and have a setup with API auth. I have never has problems before, but in recent week, the site has started to show this error:

It tells me that I have reached the quota, which I actually haven't if I look in the Google Analytics dashboard, where you can see that I have only used about 12.000 out of my limit on 50.000:

I have also tried to increase my limit, but I got the following response from Google, that tells me I haven't reached my limit yet:

This maybe telling me, that this is a plugin issue with the Google Analytics + plugin? It could seem like the plugin is having a limit of 10.000 requests per day, and not the 50.000 it should have.

Help please! This is happening to all of our blogs. You have support access.