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So I already had all my individaul sites being tracked through google analytics before I went to multisite. Now I have brought them into a multisite structured as subdomains (individualsite.myprimary and ). Do I have to create a new google analytics account to get a network wide verification code, or can I do it in the current account with all my sites already traced with a separate code (UA_XXXXX). I am willing to change to make this easier from a superadmin, but I am not sure if I change something or have to recreate it from the ground up. Nor do I konw what I would ahve to do to set up a "Network" account on GA tif I do need to redo it.

  • Nastia

    Hello @davydsmith

    Thank you for your question!

    You can do this with your current Google Analytics account.
    Once you get the access code, the Network-Wide Tracking code will be automatically inserted from the plugin.

    You can continue to use different tracking codes that you already have for your subsites. Navigate from the dashboard of the subsites to Settings > Google Analytics and insert the tracking code manually. And you can choose a different Google Analytics profile within the optionCustom Google Analytics Statistics inside WordPress Dashboard

    You can repeat the process for each subsite!

    I hope this helps!


  • Nastia

    Hello @davydsmith

    My apologies for late reply!

    Your network tracking code looks like this

    You can manually insert your the primary site tracking code.
    Please see here how to locate the tracking code.

    Google Analytics doesn't generate the code, it's pulling the code from the Google Analytics profile, right after you login through the plugin.

    Let me summarize here, you may use two options:
    1. Use only one Network tracking code, that is connected to your main domain name
    2. Set up a profile for each subsite to track mapped domains and insert the tracking code manually

    I hope this helps!


  • Nastia

    Hello there @davydsmith

    I just use the tracking code for my primary site as the network tracking code in the admin settings?

    Yes, if for example the main multisite site's domain name is and the Analytics you've set up is for, then you can use the tracking code as Network Tracking code.

    You can use one tracking code to track entire Network of sites :slight_smile:

    Then I add a unique tracking code to each subsite separately in the subsite admin?

    You can do this too, you have an option to track each subsite induvidually. For example you wish to track separetly only one subsite:
    You must create a new profile for this domain in analytics and insert the tracking code to this specific subsite.

    So you may choose to track all Network sites with one tracking code and you may track your subsites separetly. If there is no need to track the subsites separetly, you can track all of them with one Network tracking code only.

    I hope this clears it :slight_smile:

    Kind Regards,

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