Google Analytics Post Box with Tabify Edit Screen Plugin

Team WPMU,

I'm looking to improve my user's experience on the back end of the network, and one part of that is to clean up the dashboard and ensure everything is clearly labelled and visible. To that end, I am looking to use the Tabify Edit Screen plugin.

Unfortunately, the Google Analytics plugin isn't showing up when it's activated.

Looking at the Plugin's support forum (, the developers had this to say:

Hi Marko, and for anyone wanting this fix here is a temporary fix until an updated adjustment is complete.

Move in WPMU Dev's Google Analytics:


> line 139

add_action('add_meta_boxes', array(&$this, 'register_google_analytics_post_widget'));

> to line 52

This topic was previously covered in WPMU over in this thread: , however, the scenario seems a little different as now the Analytics doesn't show at all, as opposed to the last tab (as previously reported).

How can I fix this, and will the Google Analytics plugin every be updated to use an actual metabox to display the analytics results?