Google Analytics settings


When using this plugin – I was more under the impression that this would allow me to see more in depth of what sites are being visited and on what pages.

But currently I am not seeing this…

This is what I am currently seeing:

Is there a setting I can change somewhere either on the plugin settings or Google analytic where I can see where the traffic truely is at.


Rather then –

Any ideas – or is this correct?

Thanks in advanced.

  • aecnu
    • WP Unicorn

    Greetings James Jewell,

    No problem at all just making sure we got it all together in case I need to call in the big guns – in which that appears to be the case because though we have covered the settings, I am not sure if the results you posted are indeed accurately reflecting what we should be seeing.

    Therefore I will see if I can get the lead developer in here with his invaluable insight into this plugin for his advice/advise for us.

    Though this may take a bit longer then a normal ticket, I will try to get him in here asap.

    Cheers, Joe

  • Hakan
    • The Incredible Smush


    Multisite Analytics just sends all required data to your Google Analytics account, including your subdomain details. It is up to your GA settings how to create reports from them.

    I personally use “Profiles” setting of GA. Use Admin>Profiles and enter your subdomains there. GA will separate data depending on the subdomain url. However there may be other methods to have reports.

    Please have a look at Google Analytics help pages to create/customize reporting.



  • Jennifer
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hi Hakan.

    I have a multisite with 100’s of sites, manually editing the GA profile for each subdomain will not work for me.

    I would have expected that when I checked the check box for subdomain tracking that I would see the sites broken out by subdomain? (rather than individual pages across the network – that has absolutely no value to me)

    Are you saying that the only way to see my network traffic broken down by subdomain is to do this manually? If so, this is really a no-go…

  • Jennifer
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    So just to confirm that I’m dong this right from the plugin perspective…

    If I’m seeing site data across all the sub-domains, then I have the plugin set up correctly. (even though the data is all jumbled together as if it were one site)

    And then…

    If I want to see each sub-domain’s tracking data separately (rather than combined data for all of the sites), that has to be configured on the Google Analytics side.


  • Jennifer
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Thanks Hakan. I’ll update this post if I can get working… I’ve got it tracking combined and I’ve set up a filter to see the content displayed separately – following Google’s instructions, but no love ugh…

  • Jennifer
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Yay!!! It works…

    Here are the specific Google instructions for how to get this working:

    Specifically look at this section “Key Components to Cross-Domain Tracking”

    All I did was follow those instructions and now I have a profile that shows all of the content by sub-domain. If I want to see traffic for a specific subdomain I just run a quick search query on the results.

    This is not a perfect solution as it would be nice to see a list of sub-domains that I could click to get traffic – but this definitely gets the job done…

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