Google Analytics showing no traffic

Hi there,

We've just noticed something odd with our networks. Some of our sites are showing traffic as usual in the dashboard widget but many are showing zero traffic for the past month. It seems to be the case where a client has their domain mapped to the website, but is relying on our network GA code to provide traffic stats, then it's showing zero.

I have tried logging out of the network GA and logging back in, but it didn't change anything. I've checked that our network GA is actively gathering stats, which it is.

A couple of days ago I changed the network domain mapping setting to redirect administration pages to the site's original domain. We've done this so that we can provide secure login for our clients via the network domain. Could this be the reason that these sites are showing no traffic? Because the site is public on the client domain but the admin is now done on the original domain? If so, what can we do to make this work?

In the basic network tracking settings we have admin pages tracking disabled and domain mapping enabled.

Any ideas for us?