Google analytics stop working and seems i found the bug!

i noticed couple days ago that one of my website(blog) in multisite stop counting all the information true google analytics plugin.
so 3 days was data on zero. but this can be because i check facebook and ppc campaign to this site and traffic and click was.

so i have check what i have done in the past 3 days and i found that for my testing i have connected the same google analytics account to 2 other blogs.

so as i understand this make the problem i am right?

then i go to the google analytics dashboard in this 2 websites and i logged out from the account and all the fields become empty.
of course i have saved all this settings and then go to check on the front website of this 2 blogs.

and i have found that this didn't remove the google code.
you can see in the screenshots i have made.

i dont have any caching plugin (also at the server side all off)
i tried to check on couple of browser and all the same.
if you want the details of my website i can send it in the private.

so how to fix this 2 problems?
1. resume to count all the statistics in my site
2. clear the google analytics code after you log off from the plugin menu