Google analytics tracking code not collecting data in Studio theme

I'm using the current version of Studio Theme
WP ver 3.0.4
I have been using the Studio theme and Google analytics. However I am not collecting any data. I have posted several times on Google's forum and they have yet to respond, that was 2 weeks ago. I have followed what little advice there is out there, which amounts to deleting and re-inserting the tracking code, but no good.
The status shows the green check mark which indicates its receiving data, however no data is being collected.
I am notifying/asking you because the code is inserted in the SEO portion of the Studio theme, I'm not placing the code on the site myself.
So I'm hoping you can help.

  • Tammie
    • WordPress Wizard

    @bkeller99: Lets get to basics first up and have you insert it straight into the footer via code. Then we can be sure it's in place.

    In footer.php find this:

    <!-- start google code-->
    <?php $googlecode = get_option('dev_studio_google');
    echo $googlecode;
    <!-- end google code -->

    Remove the php bit:

    <?php $googlecode = get_option('dev_studio_google');
    echo $googlecode;

    Then add in your google code:

    <!-- start google code-->
    Your google code
    <!-- end google code -->

    Save it up and lets see what you get please. Then we can re-add the code in if required but lets get back to basics.

  • bkeller99
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Tammie, I was curious should the statement <?php wp_footer(); ?> be before the start of the google code ( as it is ) or just before the </body> tag?

    thanks --- I made the changes you mentioned above but I noticed when I viewed the source of the page that it looks like it was displaying the way it was supposed to ...except maybe the <-- end google code --> comment was on the same line as the end of script tag.
    any way I'll check tomorrow.

  • bkeller99
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    still not collecting data.
    If you have any ideas I would be interested but don't go out of your way on this. I'm not impressed with Google Web tools or their forum. I have other sites with similar issues with Google tools and they don't seem to be well supported or developed.
    I'm going to try one of the open source solutions and see if I have better luck.
    If you have one that you are your team would recommend I would be interested.
    Thanks Tammie your a peach!

  • bkeller99
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Another reason I'm not a big fan of Google tools ... it just takes so darn long to test changes.
    But your were spot on's collecting now.
    To restate...the only difference between the resulting code your php statements produced and the raw code insertion was that the <-- end google code --> comment was on the same line as the end of script tag. Otherwise the the "echo googlecode" statement was producing the correct code. Go figure.
    Thanks for chiming in drmike but I played around with that GA code more than I should have. Seems like that's the only solution Google offers for this problem in their forums.
    I'm still pursuing an open source solution on the stats issue because I just don't like Google's lack of support. The Piwik plugin looks promising.
    Thanks again Tammie.

  • drmike
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Thanks for chiming in drmike but I played around with that GA code more than I should have.

    No problem. I was asking because we had a long thread on this a while back where it turned out the user had transposed the code and was looking at an enduser blog expecting the enduser code to be in there and turned out it was the sitewide code. (Or the other way around. I forget.)

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