Google Calendar Integration for Events +

Google Calendar integration for Events +
I'd love to use Events + , especially with its cool buddypress group integration but lack of google calendar integration stops me doing so (many of my users use Google calendar or other ical formats).
As Google moves forward further integrating gmail, calendar and G+ events this need will surely continue to grow .

Two way integration with google calendar would make Events+ so much more useful and flexible letting people plan the event and post it on the site while Google take care of the mobile and shared calendar side of things.
If the integration is two way then a given site calendar would allow relevant events scheduling remotely by phone etc via Google calendar to update on the site which would be fantastic.
I am using the "All-in-One Calendar by" currently which is pretty good but not quite on a level with Events + apart from the ease with which it can communicate and share data with other calendar formats.
Events + looks great but is a bit of an island. Given that Events + is such a groups friendly tool it would be really useful if the calendar could link in easily with peoples current calendars and organisers.

So i'm sure it's been asked for before but i'd like to start a new push for two way icalendar integration in Events + .
Hopefully this is something that would be useful to a lot of people, if you agree then don't be shy :wink: