Google Calender stopped syncing after update Appointment +

Hi there,

Last weekend, I've updated Appointment + to the latest version (1.7.1). Since the change the sync between Google Calender and Appointment + stopped working properly. With the previous version (1.4.8.) the synchronization worked seamless.

In our case, four service providers are working with own agenda's on one Google Account. In the former situation I had created four different API keys and connected them to their own accounts. Now, I've enabled a new API and connected each service provider to Google Calender and selected their own agenda. I'm not using the 'main' synchronization, only synchronization for service providers in both ways (A+ <---> Gcal).

Since the update Google Calender has stopped pushing to the website, so it doesn't block time blocks. The other way around is working. When somebody makes an appointment on the website, it appears in Google Calender. The annoying thing is that we're now dealing we double appointments.

Since I can't find a manual, recent video and recent forum post, therefore I'm asking for help. I've enabled support access.