Google Chrome DevTools workspace


As recommended by you guys I am using Google Inspect Elements to tweak the styling of my page (

A couple of questions which I would really appreciate your advice on:
- The one page I am unable to find in order to make adjustments is the (index) page. Specifically, the source of the element I am trying to style is identified as I can see (index) when looking at ‘Sources’ in the elements panes, but embarrassingly can’t find it in the root folders. Could you give me some pointers on how to find it?
- I would like to find out whether its possible to set up persistence with Googles DevTools Workspaces ( Have you guys used this before and could you provide me with some advice as to how to get it set up (I have a purchased theme that hosted externally)? It would be ideal to make style changes within the Elements tabs and have it flow through to my style sheets.