google custom search plugin


I installed this google custom search plugin and I thought I had it set up to display the results within my page and only search my site. I also paid google $100 to not have ads. When I use the plugin it goes to a page that has a bunch of ads, and only a few of my websites pages….

go to and then use the Search tool to the right of the rotating customer logos and see what you get.

I configured as separate custom search using the webmaster tools, and when I do that, it opens a new window and ONLY shows results from my page. While I would like it to be within my site, the results are what I am looking for.

The theme is an iThemes Builder child theme…not sure if it is an issue with the theme or the plugin? If theme then not sure why it is not at least pulling back search results from my site…

Help…I will also contact iThemes.