Google Font not showing up

I am just building out this website -- the Oswald Google font shows fine on my computer but is not appearing on the customers desktops.
I'm sure I'm just missing something but I'm wondering if you could give me a quick reason why. The menu is using Oswald, and I love it on my desktop but it shows as a different font on all their computers and looks terrible.

  • Katya Tsihotska

    Hi Heather

    Hope you're having a wonderful day!

    I've checked your site in few browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer 11, and in all of these browsers your menu is displayed with the Oswald font.

    Could you ask your client to clear browser cache or try with another browser?
    Here you can find instructions on clearing cache in most popular browsers:

    If it doesn't help, could you let us know which browser and which operating system is used by your client? And, please, grant us temporary support access to your website so we can have a better look at your setup and settings? You can grant us access via WPMUDEV Dashboard plugin, there's no need to share credentials. Here's our detailed documentation page about it:

    Kind regards,

  • Ukandoo Academy

    Hey Heather,

    Not sure if you're using the humingbird plugin on your website, but if static caching is set, then the font (if updated or added) isn't loaded on the render as the page is being served statically to the client who's previously visited the site. (If you're using humingbird), then just clear the cache within that plugin, and then get your client to CTRL-F5 or Command+F5 with Mac. That'll do a hard refresh on whatever browser they're using.

    One last thing, depending on how advanced you are with custom code etc, you can always add a string to the css files in the functions php file, that give the css a unique number every time a change is made that utilizes the css files, so you will always see the most updated version of the css no matter what a browser does with it's caching. If you want I can go through in detail on how you can do this which will make your life alot easier.

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