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I suggest that all themes options doesn't propose to choose directly google fonts but that this functionality must be exported in a specialized plugin like because it would be more easy to keep list of proposed up-to-date

  • DavidM
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    Hi tribagora,

    Thanks for your feedback, I tend to agree with you there and I've made very good use of that plugin myself! However, as the fonts can be overridden with css, is there some detriment you see in the themes including their own smaller list of Google Fonts?


  • Tammie
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    Some themes will use google fonts others won't. If you don't to use them you can even remove that function it is not that great a SEO concern - if your page is loading slow it will more than likely be plugins and other scripting not just a link to google fonts. But, as said you can always not use. If one link to google fonts brings your server down you've got far more issues :slight_smile: It won't effect SEO either unless your site is down all time and well again my point of if a link to google fonts brings your site down.. something is very wrong.

    Google fonts like other font and colour settings are there for users that unlike you do not do CSS therefore useful for them and won't be removed. If you are competent you can always optimise the theme yourself. For us to rely on a plugin that is out of our control would be a worse situation least we can control the fonts we offer and what that scripting does.

    I don't get where the overriding has to even occur. If you use google fonts it will link in.. if you don't it doesn't - no need to override really is there. If a theme uses some by default well that is the theme's default fonts just like any theme ... again not issue.

    Another thing neither of you are considering is one font doesn't equal another in terms of spacing and format. We on each theme will select fonts that work in the layout and fit and can control the adjustment of sizes and so on. Using a general plugin removes this opening the way to jumbled up layouts, too small text and a whole host of layout dramas. Certainly not desirable. Should we test each theme with every font? Again not an acceptable solution and not something that any theme designer should have to do.

    Our themes are designed to work for a range of users if you don't want to use something simply remove it.

    In any of our themes if you do not wish to have them you can simply remove the function in wp_head.

    We won't be changing this currently.

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